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Browse through the slideshows below so that we can create the “style” you are looking for in your photoshoot: backgrounds, clothing, fabrics, and accessories.

Background Options

Basic background options for studio shoots include black, white, and cream. There are two types of white: “clean” and “soft.” White “clean” has a more finished, commercial look and white “soft” has more of a fabric look.

What to Wear?

The only real answer to this question is: you should wear anything that you feel comfortable in, that makes you feel like yourself! If you choose the black backdrop, keep in mind that bright colors will “pop” and dark colors will fade into the background, which then features the skin more prominently. This is a good thing if you are trying to highlight a growing belly or little newborn’s body, but can cause “floating heads” on partners and siblings. If you choose white or cream backgrounds, keep in mind that white will blend into the background, whereas dark colors will “pop” against the light background.

For mamas doing belly shoots, there are several examples of outfit ideas in the slideshow below.

Newborn Fabrics

Emily Rumsey Photography provides a few fabric options for newborn shoots in addition to the standard backdrop options.

What should I bring for my baby’s studio photoshoot?

Please bring multiple clothing options. Consider bringing any special blankets or quilts that you may have, because they make fantastic background texture for portraits! Special baskets or baby “containers” are welcome too, as they will make your shoot more unique. Note: if you would like diaper photos, cloth diapers or diaper covers tend to photograph better than paper diapers.

What should I bring for my toddler’s studio photoshoot?

Please bring multiple choices for clothing, as well as toys or snacks that might keep your kiddo happy while having their picture taken. Also consider bringing any chairs, props, or toys that you would like included in the photos.