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How long will it take to get my photos?

Emily processes your finished photos carefully, while trying to be as efficient as possible in the turnaround time. Because Emily is also a full time nurse, in addition to a busy portrait photographer, please allow up to three weeks for your final disk to arrive. It will most likely be less time than three weeks. Rush edits (within 72 hours) of family shoots are available for a $50 fee. Rush edits of wedding shoots (within 7 days) are available for a $100 fee.

What is the difference between “in studio” and “portable studio”?

“In studio” shoots use backdrops and lights and take place at Emily’s studio, located within Enlightened Mama center in St. Paul. “Portable studio” shoots include backdrops and lights at the location of your choice for an additional fee.

Do “in studio” shoots include any photos outdoors?

Weather permitting, we can add nearby outdoor photos to your “in studio” shoot for a $35 upgrade fee. Hamden Park is within walking distance of the studio. Please plan on an additional 20-30 minutes if you would like outdoor photos.

Do you charge travel fees?

Photo shoots within 15 miles of the Saint Paul-Minneapolis metro area do not have travel fees. For shoots outside of this radius, there is an additional travel fee of $0.50/mile (after the first 15 miles.)

Do you take credit cards?

We are able to take personal checks as well as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (through PayPal).

Will my photos be featured on the Emily Rumsey Photography website?

We ask all clients to sign a “model release,” allowing photos from your wedding day or photo shoot to be included in our portfolio and advertising. There is an explicit line in the release that allows you to omit certain types of images (ie. breastfeeding photos, semi-nude photos) if you do not want those images displayed.

Who owns the final images?

Emily Rumsey Photography retains copyright on all images. Some packages may include photo reprint rights, but this does not mean that you own the images, only that you are permitted to reprint them in accordance with the terms of the package.

What are “digital negatives?”

“Digital negatives” are high-resolution images, presented to you on a disk. All wedding packages include digital negatives, and some of our family packages include digital negatives. If your package includes digital negatives, you can get your photos printed at the photo store of your choice.

What is a photo “reprint rights” release?

Many photo stores will not print photographs that they can tell were taken by a professional photographer without a “reprint rights” release. If your package includes “reprint rights” you will get a “reprint rights” release with your digital negatives.

Why is there a “shopping cart” in my online photo gallery if my package includes the disk?

We include a “shopping cart” feature for friends and family who might want to buy just a few prints. The price of photo prints for our wedding clients and deluxe family packages is discounted, since you have already purchased the rights to the images.

Where do you recommend I get my photos printed?

The quality of photo printing varies widely, and low priced prints will yield muted colors, exposure that is either too light or too dark, and no guarantee of archival quality down the line. Local recommendations for excellent prints include Universal Color, West Photo and White House Custom Colour. Emily’s online recommendation for excellent prints is mpix.


How long do portraits take?

If you would like formal portraits included in your wedding, please allow two hours of the photography schedule designated to formal portraits.

When do you shoot the bride & groom portraits?

We strongly recommend that bride & groom portraits begin before the ceremony. While we recognize that some couples wish their “first sight” to be during the ceremony it oftentimes improves the scheduling of the day to get photos out of the way ahead of time, and allows you to actually enjoy your wedding! We take “first sight” photos at an agreed upon location, meeting only the bride & groom privately. These photos generally turn out beautifully and capture a very special moment.

How do you shoot bridal party portraits and friends & family portraits?

Before the wedding day, we will write a formal portraits schedule with you. It is very important that you designate a “helper” to gather everyone for friends & family portraits. Our photographers do not know the names and faces of the people who need to be in these portraits, so please have a friend or family member who can help the portraits stay organized and on schedule.

Does set-up and travel time count in hourly coverage?

YES! Photographers need 30 minutes to set-up at the ceremony site. This time is included in the hourly coverage. Travel time is also included in hourly coverage. The clock is “running” from the time each photographer arrives.

Do you charge travel fees?

Photo shoots within 15 miles of the Saint Paul-Minneapolis metro area do not have travel fees. For shoots outside of this radius, there is an additional travel fee of $0.50/mile (after the first 15 miles.)

When is payment due?

A deposit of 50% is due upon time of booking services. Remaining balance is due by receipt of the final product, but preferably by the wedding date. We are able to take personal checks as well as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (through PayPal).


When should I schedule my pregnancy shoot?

We like to photograph pregnant women early in the 8th month. This timeframe allows for a nice round belly, but isn’t squeaking too close to the due date!

What should I wear for my pregnancy shoot?

Mama can wear as much or as little clothing as makes her feel comfortable. Fabric wraps are available upon request for discrete images. We oftentimes like to incorporate baby blankets into the maternity shoot as “fabric” to lay around the mama’s belly.

If you are only looking for a few great photos to frame, or you are on a tighter budget, our more basic packages fit your needs. You can buy your favorite prints directly through Emily Rumsey Photography. The no-disk packages are economically priced to reflect the fact that you will ultimately choose only a few of your favorite prints.

If you would like to make many prints, or produce a final product of your own (like a calendar or a photo album), our packages that include a disk of images would be a better fit for your needs. These packages are priced to reflect the privilege of having original images and the right to produce photo prints and products using the images.

When is payment due?

For one photo shoot, payment is due at time of service on the day of the shoot. For the “Mama Bella” pregnancy & baby shoots, 50% is due at time of pregnancy shoot and remaining balance is due at time of baby shoot. We are able to take personal checks as well as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (through PayPal).


What is the difference between a “digital image” purchase and a photo print?

We offer both digital images and photo prints for purchase, because personal or business needs vary. For promotional design purposes (like business cards or web advertising) you may want the digital image instead of a photo print. A “digital image” purchase is a full-resolution image file that you can use and reproduce in business cards, brochures, and website promotion. It differs from a photo print in that it is a digital file on a disk, vs. a physical photo print in the typical sizes of 4x6, 5x7, etc. We offer the option of selling the images directly (rather than having you scan a print) because the end result—your finished promotional material— is a much higher quality product.
If you are looking to share wallet sized photos with friends, or to frame a photo, then the photo prints product is what you are after.

When is payment due?

Payment in full is due at the time of service, on the day of the shoot. We are able to take personal checks as well as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (through PayPal).


Why is the first copy of my photo book more expensive?

There is a tremendous amount of labor that goes into laying out a professional photo book. Your first copy pricing includes these labor charges, and you can enjoy a discounted price for additional copies.

How do I buy my photo book?

We will send you a “bookstore” link to your photo book when it is finished. You buy the first copy directly through our online bookstore using a credit card. After you buy the first copy, we will reduce the price to reflect that “additional copies” discounted price. At this point, you can share the book with family and friends who can enjoy a preview or order copies for themselves.

I bought the disk of images and photo rights, so can’t I just make my own photo book?

With the disk of images and photo rights, you can certainly make your own photo book. However, most people find this easier said than done! Photo books take a lot of time and skill to layout. We provide design services and sell photo books if you do not have the extra time or desire to complete such a large creative project yourself.